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 (and how will we fit it all in?)
Kit to cycle round the world


Bikes: Bristol Bicycles Burrington Tourer

Panniers & handlebar bags: Mainstream MSX

Tent: Zpacks Triplex

Hammock-tent: Tentsile Flite

Sleeping bag/matts: Big Agnes King Solomon 15 & Q-Core SLX matts

2 x silk bag liners

2 x silver roll-matts


Campsite Cookware:

Stove: Primus Gravity & multifuel adaptor

Cooking knife: Primus Fieldchef 

Flask: Primus 750 Vacuum flask

Cutlery: 2 x Ti-Sporks

Utensils: MSR Alpine kitchen set

Saucepan: MSR quick solo pot

Cups: 2 x MSR Titan cups

Aeropress coffee maker: Aerobie

Waterbag:  Ortlieb

Gravityworks filter: Platypus

1 x bowl

1 x plate

Kettle: nice old pot from the garage

Loose leaf tea-ball

Potato Peeler

2 x Wooden Spoons

Chopping board

Salt & Pepper

All-weather matches



Winter Jerseys: 1 x Stolen Goat Climb & Conquer/ 

1 x Rapha Winter Cycling Jersey 

Winter Cycling Tights: 2 x Stolen Goat Climb & Conquer 

Shoes: Merrell & Ecco 

Sandals: Teva & Birkenstock

Gloves: Sealskinz all-weather,  Aldi Winter, 

Fingerless gloves: Rapha & Sealskinz 

Jackets: 2 x Big Agnes Shovelheads

Baselayers: 2 x Burnt Custard tops & 2 x Burnt Custard Leggings

Socks: 6 x Horizon merino wool socks 

Waterproof socks: 2 x Showers Pass

Other lighter socks: 2 x Stolen Goat 

2 x cotton summer vests (each)

MSX Mainstream padded shorts

1 x Stolen Goat Bodyline One bib-shorts

1 x merino buff (each)

1 x headband (each)

2 x woollen hats

2 x Brooks England Cambridge Rain Capes

+ a handful of other essentials each (t-shirts/underwear/sweatshirt etc - but not too many)!



Xtorm Solar Charger

Xtorm Power Bank

2 x Travel towels

2 x emergency blankets (one per bike)

2 x medi kits (one per bike)

Universal sink plug

2 x mosquito head nets

Mosquito Spray

After-bite lotion

Inflatable solar lantern

2 x cheap pound shop torches

2 x head torches

Spare bungees

Spare bags

Gaffer tape

Cable ties 

Washing Line

2 x bike helmets

2 x keys & whistle on neck-cord

2 x Lite Lock Gold

Bike repair essentials, spare parts, & 2 x multi-tools

1 x roll-up backgammon set

1 x mini pack of cards

1 x crocheted whippet head (Dave)

1 x small bear

1 x mole on keyring (made by KAT) 

2 x diaries

1 x sketch pad

1 x pencil case

Kendal Mint Cake

2 x Hi-vis 

Arnica & homeopathic travel kit

Sun Cream


Toilet Roll











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